Other Changes in the Process Builder

Learn about other enhancements in the Process Builder.
Spaces No Longer Required in Formula Functions
Previously, you had to include a space between a function’s parenthesis and the contents of the parenthesis, for example: TEXT( [Account].LastModifiedDate ). You no longer need to include these spaces.
Create More Actions
You are no longer limited to 10 immediate actions and 10 scheduled actions for a given criteria node.
Deploy Processes
You can now deploy processes using change sets, packages, and the Metadata API. For change sets and packages, processes are Flow component types. To deploy a process using the Metadata API, you must create a flow of type Workflow.
Namespaced Organizations Supported
Processes are supported in organizations with a registered namespace so your processes can now be saved and added to managed packages.
Navigate More Easily with Field Tooltips
Previously, the only way to see tooltips on fields was to hover over Screenshot of information bubble. Now, when navigating the Process Builder with a keyboard, the tooltips appear every time you focus on an input field that has tooltips.