Other Changes in Force.com Customization

Even small customization enhancements can make Salesforce easier to use.
Flexible Pages Renamed as Lightning Pages
Flexible Pages have been renamed Lightning Pages throughout the Salesforce documentation and user interface. They are still known as FlexiPages in the API, however.
Cross-Object References Increased for Quick Action Predefined Field Values
When creating predefined values for an action’s fields, you can now reference fields not only on the action’s source object, but also on the source object’s related objects. This helps reduce data entry, errors, and manual lookups.
Predefined values dialog
Label for Some Quick Actions Changed
Some quick actions previously had buttons labeled Submit. Those buttons are now labeled Save.
Inactive Latvian Currency Removed
As of January 1, 2014, the official currency of Latvia is the Euro (EUR) rather than the Latvian Lats (LVL). LVL is no longer a currency option in Salesforce. Single-currency organizations that use the Latvian (Latvia) locale now see currency values displayed in Euro (€). The API returns "EUR" as the Latvian currency code.