Other Changes in the Salesforce Console—for a Smart & Simple Console

We’ve made it easier for console users to find and update information.
Users Can Increase Productivity with New Keyboard Shortcuts
Console users can now use the following shortcuts to work faster:
Action Key Command
Move a cursor to footer components and choose specific components. F/RIGHT ARROW or LEFT ARROW/1 through 9

Not supported for Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 7 or 8 or for right-to-left languages. If you choose the Macros or Presence component, press ESC to move the cursor to other components.

Open items in tabs without shifting focus from current work. CTRL+click for PCs; CMD+click for Macs
Hide or show a pinned list. SHIFT+N
Hide or show a sidebar and its components. SHIFT+arrow keys
Zoom in or out on primary tabs by hiding or showing the header, footer, and pinned list. Z
To use or customize keyboard shortcuts, you must turn them on for users.
Users Can Boost Console Performance by Adopting New System Recommendations
Salesforce completed rigorous system testing of the console and recommends that users adopt the Google Chrome™ browser and machines with 8 GB of RAM to work with a faster console that saves time.
Clone Console Apps
You can now clone existing console apps so that you don’t have to create consoles from scratch. By clicking the new Clone button on a console’s detail page, you can copy the app’s fields, such as navigation tab and record display settings. To update cloned push notification and keyboard shortcut settings, you must first save the console that you’ve copied. To clone or create a console, see “Create a Salesforce Console App” in the Salesforce Help.
Users Can Access Several Console Features Automatically
Users can now access keyboard shortcuts and multi-monitor components, and their sessions are automatically saved for them so that they can quickly return to where they left off in a console before they logged out. Previously, you had to turn on each of these console features. Now, these features are turned on for all consoles. To turn off these features, see the Salesforce Help.
Assign an Automatic Height and Width to Stacked Components
When you select Autosize Components on page layouts, Salesforce automatically sizes components so that they fit nicely in sidebars when users resize their browsers. If browsers don’t match the components’ minimum size requirements, the components don’t appear unless users hover a mouse over the sidebar. You can’t change automatic-sizing values. The automatic-sizing option is unavailable for Visualforce Page, Canvas App, and Knowledge One components, as well as Internet Explorer® 7.
Users Can Rearrange Console Tabs
You and your users can now click a primary tab or subtab and drag it to a new position on the tab bar to personalize a workspace. Tabs maintain their status as primary tabs or subtabs, meaning that you can’t move primary tabs to the subtabs bar or vice versa. The Details tab also maintains its position on subtabs. Rearranging tabs is unavailable for Internet Explorer® 7.
Let Users Customize Navigation Tabs
You can now let users personalize the items that appear in the navigation tab. On a console app, after you click Show Customize My Tabs on the Navigation Tab, users can access Customize My Tabs to hide, display, and organize the items that matter to them most.
The navigation tab with Customize My Tabs highlighted.