Allow Users to Add Records to Chatter Groups

Adding records to groups allows users to collaborate on and discuss the records as a team in the group.
Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Contact Manager, and Developer Editions

User Permissions Needed
To enable records in Chatter groups: “Customize Application”
The ability to add records to groups is enabled by default, but you need to configure the group publisher before users can use this feature.
  1. From Setup, click Customize | Chatter | Settings. In the Groups section, verify that Allow Records in Groups is selected.
  2. Customize the group layout and add the Add Record action to the group publisher.
  3. We recommend that you customize object layouts to include the Groups related list on record detail pages. Do this for all the standard and custom objects in your organization that support group-record relationships.
    The Groups list allows users to view the list of groups that a record is associated with.

A few things to bear in mind about adding records to groups:

  • Groups that allow customers and groups in communities don’t support records in groups.
  • Users can add account, contact, lead, opportunity, contract, campaign, case, and custom object records to groups. Other objects aren’t supported.
  • Users must have permissions to access the record as well as the group.
  • Users can add any number of records to a group.
  • Adding a record to a group doesn’t affect the group feed, record feed, or record visibility (sharing). No feed items are created; only a confirmation message appears. The group doesn’t follow the record, or vice versa.
  • Only users with the necessary permissions (via license, profile, permission sets, or sharing) can see the records in a group.

    For example, Chatter Free users don’t see any records in groups. Or, a user with permissions to view accounts and contacts can’t view any case records in the group. This sometimes means that users see fewer records than the actual count indicated on the group records list.

  • Records can be added to groups using the Salesforce SOAP API or the Chatter REST API. Group-record relationships are stored in the CollaborationGroupRecord object.

Group records are supported in both the SOAP API and the Chatter Rest API.