Analytics: Introducing Wave, the Analytics Cloud

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud is designed for everyone. Whether you’re a business user, analyst, or developer, Analytics Cloud enables you to access any data, get answers to any questions, and act immediately. Now anyone can access powerful insights and let the data tell a story. Finally, business intelligence for the rest of us!
Available for an additional cost in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions


Wave, the Analytics Cloud releases an update between major releases. Customers will see new features and enhancements as part of the new “Spring ’15 Plus” release. See New in Spring `15 Plus for details.

Bring in All Your Data
Your data lives everywhere: Salesforce, data warehouses, CRM and ERP systems, log files, CSV files, and more. Analytics Cloud makes integration with your Salesforce data, as well as any other data source, simple and seamless.
Let Your Data Tell Its Story
Valuable insights are already in your data—you just need to find them. Explore and ask questions through rich, interactive visualizations. Find answers you didn’t even know you were looking for.
Drive Action Through Your Discoveries
The purpose of analysis is action. Easily share your findings and collaborate across your team and organization through dashboards, Chatter, and the iOS mobile app.
Move Fast, Maintain Control
Salesforce Analytics is native to the cloud and built on the Wave platform. You can design custom analytic apps and deploy them to users in a fraction of the time of traditional business intelligence implementations, all while ensuring the highest levels of security and easy administration.