Sales Teams Can Now Use Multiple Forecast Types

Give users the flexibility of having up to four types of forecasts, so they can predict sales from multiple perspectives.

Here are the types of forecasts you can let your users choose from.

  • Opportunities based on revenue, quantity, or both
  • Opportunity splits based on revenue
  • Product families based on revenue, quantity, or both

When you enable more than one type of forecast, Custom Forecast Views lets you customize the opportunity information that’s displayed for each forecast.

Here’s an example—your sales team forecasts revenue from both opportunities and product families. You’ll enable both opportunity and product family forecasts based on revenue.

Here you can see the Opportunities Revenue forecast page, which shows revenue totals for each sales rep in each forecast category.

The Forecasts tab with an Opportunities Revenue forecast

Each user can change the forecast view from one forecast type to another using the forecast type menu, which we see here.

The forecast type menu

And when users change the forecast type to Product Family Revenue, they can see each sales rep’s totals by product family.

The Forecasts tab with a Product Family-Revenue forecast