Communities Additional Enhancements

There are other important enhancements to Communities in ‘Spring 14.
Accounts and Contacts for Customer Community Users

External users with Customer Community or High Volume Portal User licenses can now view accounts or contacts that are shared with them in a community. These users can also edit contacts that are shared with them, and create new contacts on the accounts they have access to.

Users with these licenses can also edit accounts if sharing on Accounts is set to Public Read/Write or you create a sharing set that grants users Read/Write access to accounts.

The Accounts and Contacts tabs are also now available to external users with Customer Community or High Volume Portal User licenses, however, the tabs are hidden by default so you must manually expose them using profiles or permission sets.

Allow Members to Flag Content Option Moved to Miscellaneous Settings
In the setup wizard for communities, the Allow members to flag content option was moved from the Members page to the Miscellaneous page.
Manage Login Settings for Community Users
There is a new Login Settings link on the site community detail page. This link opens the community Login Page where you can set options.
Internal Only Filter on Record Feed

Internal users can use the new Internal Only filter on a record feed to show only posts to their internal Salesforce organization.

On a record feed, click Down arrow next to Show and select Internal Only.

Public Checkbox on Tasks Always Available
The checkbox to mark a task public is now always available, regardless of whether other objects are related to the task. This checkbox is used to control the visibility of tasks in portals and communities.
Renamed Visible in Self-Service Field to Public
The Visible in Self-Service field on solutions was renamed to Public because it applies to communities, customer portals, and self-service portals.