Use Email to Post to Chatter Groups—Generally Available

Email your posts to Chatter groups you have access to.
Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Contact Manager, and Developer Editions

If your admin has enabled this feature, you can email your posts to any public group. You can email posts to a private group only if you’re a member. You must use the email address associated with your Salesforce user account.

  1. From the group detail page, click Post by email below the group description to launch a blank email to the group from your local email client.


    Save the group’s email address as a contact in your mail client or mobile device for easy access in the future.

  2. Type your message in the email body and send the email.
The email content displays as a post on the group detail page. Any hashtags you include in the email body (for example, #TeamExcellence) are converted to topics on the post.

The following limitations apply to posting to a group using email:

  • The 5,000 character limit for Chatter posts applies to posts created using email. Any text in your email beyond this limit is not included in the post.
  • The email subject and any attachments are not included in the post.
  • You can create text posts using email and include links in the text. You can’t @mention people, attach files, create polls, or give titles to links when posting to the group by email.
  • Character-level formatting, such as the use of bold or different type sizes, is not supported.